The FR-01 is a single seat, low wing and fixed landing gear aircraft. The main feature of the aircraft is the high power to weight ratio and the capability to perform aerobatics with a low operating costs. The structure is metallic with 4130 steel fuselage truss and light alloy wing, stabilizer/elevator and fin. Rudder and aileron are made in composite carbon/glass/epoxy structure and so the fuselage cover and engine cowlings. The lower tailcone is covered by fabric while the main landing gear is a single 2024T3 bended and tapered beam. The adjustable rudder pedals allow the comfortable seating of people from 1,6 to 1,98mt. The standard fuel tank is in front central position. The main unit is a 35litres tank while it is possible to install an acro (header) tank below the main tank that allows the aircraft to perform inverted flight if the electronic injection engine and inverted oil system are installed. The total amount of fuel is about 40litres in frontal main+acro tank plus 25+25litres in the optional wing tanks. Only the central tank feeds the engine and is equipped with an ANDAIR shut off valve. An in-flight fuel transfer system provides the fuel to go from the wing tank(s) to the main one. All the cabin 3/8'' fuel hoses are rigid with AN6 fittings. The standard engine is the 98hp Rotax 912 but the ROTAX 912is can be installed as well. Finally it is possible to install a special ROTAX 912 derived engine with 23hp of extra power where allowed (ULM and EXPERIMENTAL categories only). The injected engines can be equipped with an inverted oil system. The exhaust system is made by a 4 in 1 with central muffler and optional smoke system. MT-Propeller constant speed 183cm diameter is finally available as an optional.
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