About us
September 1971
(We were in the 30s)
I was ten years old and Gino a little bit more than eleven; we lived in our house in Benevento, a little provincial town. Our room was at the second floor; the balconies faced a terrace from where we continuously launched little paper airplanes that gliding landed on the roofs underneath.
We built these miniatures with sheets of paper and competing with each other, we tried to make them going always further.
We were two kids animated by a great passion for the flying machines: the paper miniatures were the first expression of this big interest that inevitably would bring us to the model aircraft construction. The occasion arrived one day, during our high schools classes of the Liceo Giannone, where a little magazine called L???Aquilone, started to go round, and from where we took the address of the Movo in Milan, supplier of assembling boxes and equipment for model aircrafts. We immediately wrote to the Movo and in a few days we received the catalogue, from where we chose the elastic and tube M5 model.
Once we finished the scholastic year, we left for the country, Faicchio, without having received the so desired package. Nevertheless we spent our time preparing a little lab obtained from a little room that we personally cleared and cleaned. We obviously missed the tools that we managed to find a few days later. As a matter of fact, I decided to go with my father when he had to go for work in Benevento. I succeeded in convincing him and together we went in a hardware shop were we bought all the tools. Finally we had our first small saw, our first lath, and our drill.
During those days we met a guy from Fontanavecchia, outlying of Faicchio, who was also passionate for model aircraft construction. His name was Mario Brioli. He helped us a lot with the creation of our first model that finally arrived by mail. We brought immediately the bulky parcel in the lab, we opened it but unfortunately we noticed that the central tube was broken. We wrote immediately about the incident to the Movo that kindly and with great dispatch sent us another tube.
Thus we started to assemble the wing following precisely the Movo???s instructions and with Mario???s we succeeded in completing the model that shortly was ready to fly.
Unfortunately this first new model couldn???t fly because of the breaking of the elastic hank that shattered the fuselage. Disenchanted but not tamed, we started to make plans for the future. Schools were about to reopen and in fact we moved with all the family again to Benevento. We continued to read the Aquilone and I remember perfectly well the great expectation that we had every time we picked up the new issue to the newsstand. Thanks to this magazine we were informed of everything that happened in the field of the model aircraft constructions, as well as in the aeronautical one. And that was very important for us since we were always seeking for information.
In the mean time we decided to build our second flying model, always choosing from the Movo catalogue, whose name was M8...

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